4 amazing Hungarian jewelry designers to follow

(text: Emese Dobos-Nagy)

There is a young (but all the more talented) generation of Hungarian jewelry designers who are creating amazing pieces on the border of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design in addition playing bravely with the geometric forms with the respect of noble materials. Take a look at them!


Bianka Bori, the designer behind BORIBIANKA was originally an economist, when she decided to follow her inner compass and passion and became a goldsmith as her life’s big dream was to design jewelry. Her inspiration comes from many sources like the built environment, Scandinavian design, nature or the universe. Every collection of BORIBIANKA is inspired by something different, something new and Bianka designs for the universal, modern women. Typically her work would combine precious metals with special minerals and gemstones and what is the offcome? Fascinatingly unique but easy-to-wear pieces.

photo: Jácint Halász and Karolina Kárász

Barbara Katona Jewelry X Konsanszky

Hungarian fashion brand Konsanszky had joined her forces with Barbara Katona jewelry designer and they have been creating amazing collections in the past years which are the perfect jewelry forms of the brand’s vision. The unusual earrings, earcuffs, rings and necklaces are made from gold, silver and rhodium and these are the consequences of the designers creative and experimental journey together. If you want to solidly stand out from the crowd – these pieces of jewelry are made for you.


Dori Visy jewelry designer, goldsmiths is familiar working with a lot of different materials. Interesting forms, veins, bubbles are her main sources of inspiration.  She is trying to emphasize the importance of occasional jewelry and her aim is that people wouldn’t be afraid of wearing interesting, extraordinary pieces, without being self-conscious. The latest, Philippine Black Pearl collection is a marriage of Philippines pearl, silver and rosegold. Her designs are the ultimate wearable pieces of art!

photo: András Zombori, Márton Kecskés, Balázs Glódi


Piroskanna is a high-end handmade jewelry brand established by jewelry designer Piroska Anna Daranyi and fashion photographer Jonas Matyassy. Their collections represent a personal, unique style that expresses elegance and minimalism in a modern way.  The designer, Piro also uses the custom feature to explore other people’s styles and fulfill their vision of a personal piece of bespoke jewelry. The founders’ Scandinavian inspiration combines geometric forms with gemstones in a simple, clear and elegant way for strong personalities and art lovers alike.

photo: Jónás Mátyássy

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