Nanushka transforms the fashion industry with the biggest names in fashion

Nanushka joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a long-term partner to support their circular textile economy initiative. The Hungarian brand is proud to be a member of industry pioneers and work towards a more sustainable and ethical business model in order to protect and preserve the environment.

The partnership was announced at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the World’s biggest business event that focuses on sustainability in fashion. The two-day event brings together industry decision makers and stakeholders to discuss the most urgent environmental, social and ethical issues of our time, in order to pioneer solutions.

The textile and clothing industry is one of the highest contributors to pollution in the World. Since the emergence of „fast fashion“, the garment industry significantly contributes to an increase in climate change and environmental pollution. Currently, the textile economy operates in an almost entirely linear way, meaning that large amounts of natural resources are used to make clothing that following a comparatively little use then ends up in landfills or incineration. The goal of MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular project is to change the above model to a restorative and regenerative (circular)one.

The core aim of the circular economy is to redesign the textile industry’s future. The industry leaders will work together as partners to support each other and deliver the solutions needed to meet the changing demands and expectations of society and address the critical issues of the fashion industry. Participants of MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular Initiative will unite behind three key principles to create a system that delivers benefits for citizens, the environment, and businesses:

  • Business models that keep clothes in use
  • Materials that are renewable and safe
  • Solutions that turn used clothes into new clothes

Nanushka is the first brand from Hungary and the region to join the MacArthur Foundation. The Hungarian brand commits to sustainable fashion, striving to use materials that naturally biodegrade. Nanushka is committed to reorganizing its operations along ethical and sustainable models while keeping its fast growth rate.

photos: Fauve Bouwman (campaign SS18) and Dan Glasser (Nanushka Café & Store)


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